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How to record WhatsApp Calls

Recording cellphone calls is relatively straightforward and that got us thinking how to record WhatsApp calls? We all make numerous WhatsApp calls all through the day because those are greater reliable than phone calls (way to common name drops). As journalists, recording smartphone calls is vital for us especially when we’re interviewing human beings over the cellphone so figuring out how to record WhatsApp calls is crucial for us.

Let’s reduce to the chase: recording WhatsApp calls is far from straightforward. In fact, despite the hours we poured into discovering this, we did not locate an easy approach to get this done. We checked how to file WhatsApp calls across platforms, but hardware obstacles and software restrictions were given inside the way.

If you will still like to do so you’re right here after all realize that recording WhatsApp voice calls is a tough affair. Don’t even get us started out on WhatsApp video calls, as it’s essentially out of the question.

How to record WhatsApp calls on Android using Cube Call Recorder

Remember how we said that each methods handiest work with specific devices? Due to hardware variations and software limitations, Cube Call Recorder’s VoIP recording feature WhatsApp uses VoIP, that’s Voice over Internet Protocol simplest works on certain devices. The list is available as a Google Spreadsheet related from the app’s Play Store page. There’s another caveat with Cube Call: VoIP recording mainly works on the indexed devices. We examined Cube Call with Samsung Galaxy Note8, that’s present inside the list, but it failed to work for us no matter repeated tries and tweaks to app settings.

If you’ve got a device it’s indexed in that aforementioned spreadsheet, you are welcome to attempt those steps

  1. Install Cube Call Recorder on your phone that has WhatsApp.
  2. Open Cube Call Recorder and then transfer to WhatsApp.
  3. Call the person you want to speak to.
  4. If the Cube Call widget suggests and lighting up while you’re talking, it is working.
  5. If it offers you an error, open Cube Call Recorder settings and choose Force VoIP call as voice name.
  6. Call once more and see if it the Cube Call Recorder widget indicates and lights up.
  7. If it gives you an error once more, then regrettably it might not work for your phone.

How to record WhatsApp calls on Android phone (alternative method)

Android users have a third option: root your device. We don’t endorse this as it comprises your cellphone’s security and may push you off the manufacturer’s replace track, but in case you must, then go beforehand root your smartphone and use the SCR Screen Recorder app, available via XDA.

As we said before, recording WhatsApp calls is fairly complicated. If neither of those methods work for you, you may always hold your phone on speaker and record the decision through a second cellphone or any device which has a voice recorder located nearby, all even as you sit down in a quiet room. That’s a crude hack and the only purpose we have to say it right here is that it’s the most effective reliable method of recording WhatsApp calls at a definitely low cost.

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