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Why Do Women get Longer age? Age of females is 18.5% are higher than males.

A recent study says that the average age of females is about 18.5% higher than males in the same type of wild mammals. This is more than the difference between the ages of men and women, which is 8 percent. Scientists say the age difference in animals is due to sex characteristics and local environmental factors. In each human population, women are taller than men, as are nine out of every ten men 110 years of age.

Researchers say that for the first time since the eighteenth century, when the exact birth records began to be kept, this difference in the ages of women and men has been constant. Large-scale data about wild animals is lacking, but it is estimated that this is the case. Now an international team of researchers has researched to find out the differences in the ages of 101 species of animals.

Scientists found that 60% of the animals included in the experiment were older than the female, and on average 18.6% higher than the male. The difference in age between males and females in animals is due to the genetic differences in the environment and their sex, says Dr. Juan Francesca Lemeterka, a leading author of this study from the French University of Leuven.

They cite the example of a large horned sheep whose researchers have good data on race. Where natural resources were permanently available, there was little difference in age. However, in a place where the winter was more severe, the male sheep had a shorter life expectancy. In the male sheep of this breed, a lot of energy goes out for the female sheep compared to the other. Their large body also uses a lot of energy and can also be sensitive to environmental changes.

They say that clearly the difference in age is due to differences in the genes of the male and the female, rather than the ability to perform certain tasks in comparison to the male substance and local environmental conditions. However, it cannot be said that on the basis of the age of the female more than the female, the chances of the male dying increases with age.

Male mortality is always high. But in both sexes the mortality rate is the same. Recent research in this field suggests that genetic differences between males and females play a key role. Men and women have different chromosomes in humans. Women have two X chromosomes while men have X and one Y chromosome. The theory is that the extra X chromosome in women plays a protective role against dangerous changes, which is true for animals as well.

Dr. Jean-Francois Lemeter says both reasons for the age difference are correct.

“It shows that substances in the X-X or X-Y chromosome system have a longer lifespan, so it is clear that sex has an effect on the chromosome,” he says.

He said that according to his research, this difference between male and female ages is different among different races and there are several other factors that need to be considered in order to understand this.


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