If corona virus is transmitted to guerrilla animal, then entire specie will disappear

New York: Wildlife observers have revealed that the Corona virus could end guerrilla breeding.

According to a Washington Post report, US primary experts say that if the Corona epidemic is transmitted to a guerrilla animal, the entire species will be affected and then their population will disappear. Experts say the guerrillas are exposed to the same dangers as humans, as the virus is likely to transmit to animals in the next few months.

According to research experts, the structure and internal body of the guerrillas are very similar to that of humans, so they are more likely to be affected. The African National Park of the Congo has banned entry of all people into the national park until June 1, following concerns by experts. It should be noted that there are about a quarter of the world’s guerrillas in the park.

According to the WWF, gorillas can die even if they have a seizure and a cold, as both diseases are infected with the corona virus, which is why people need to be removed from the guerrillas.

WWF Chief Executive Officer Paula Kahmbu says that we are working to save the Gorilla breed, every move to protect their generation will be appreciated and full cooperation will be provided.


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