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Corona virus can transmit the affected person to others without showing symptoms.

At present, there is a worldwide flood of information about the Corona virus, and the fear of the deadly virus that causes the Cody Annis is increasing among the people, scientists are working day and night to try to control it.

Scientists have confirmed that the corona virus can transmit the affected person to others without showing symptoms.
And in view of this fact, preventing its spread will prove to be a greater challenge.

The 20-year-old girl from Wuhan transmitted the virus to five members of the family while she was never physically ill.

In order to prevent the spread of the corona virus, the European country, after testing a much larger population than any other country in the world, discovered that 50 percent of patients had no symptoms in the corona virus disease Code 19. There were.

Last month, the World Health Organization and the Joint Mission of China declared the number of such infections to be non-existent and an anonymous source of the spread of the virus. Various research reports also indicate that the corona virus can be transmitted from person to person even when no symptoms are present in the patient.

During a study in Japan it was discovered that a recently infected patient can transmit the infection to another person within 5 days, which is less than the duration of the symptoms.

In addition, an analysis of all the cases reported in China revealed that corona virus was confirmed in 1.2% of people without symptoms.


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