Corona Virus: 24 basic questions and answers you should know to Covid-19

As the number of coronavirus-infected countries in the world, such as Covid-19, is increasing, new questions are being raised in the minds of the common man about this disease. As the virus transmits from person to person through coughing, it is important to wash hands frequently with alcoholic hand sanitizer or hot water and soap and avoid touching the face repeatedly.

In addition, you should avoid contacting anyone who has a cough, cold or fever. Anyone who thinks they are infected with the Corona virus should contact their physician immediately.

1-A week ago my aroma and taste went away, is it a sign of corona virus?

Nose, ear and throat specialists in the UK have come to the notice of doctors that complaints of anosmia are increasing with the sensation of the smell.

And more and more people are complaining of smell and taste loss on social media and some of the Corona virus tests have come out positive. But there is no concrete evidence in this regard, and even the common cold can temporarily eliminate the sensation of smell or taste, or both.

2-I am in danger and need to see a nurse for my care, can they come to my house?

If you are being given the most urgent care it can continue in a situation where the person does not have symptoms of the corona virus. Anyone visiting your home should wash your hands with soap and water for 20 seconds, before and after you enter your home. In addition, they should maintain a distance of two meters (6 feet) from you. It is also important that there are alternatives that can take care of you when your nurse becomes ill.

3-What if a pregnant woman in the house develops symptoms of COV-19?

If you have symptoms of the Corona virus inside your home, the Government has directed that people at risk, ie pregnant women or people over 70, be isolated for 14 days.

If this is not possible, stay as far away from the person with symptoms as possible. So far, there is no evidence that pregnant women and their children are at high risk because of the Corona virus, but authorities have stressed that they need to be more careful.

4-Can the Corona virus survive on pet dogs and cats and cause other people to pass it on?

Even if you are not at risk for the Corona virus, you should wash your hands thoroughly after handing over or handling pets. And while it is believed that Coved 19 initially came through animals in humans, it is still unclear how this happened, and so far there is no instance in which humans have used it through their pets. Yes.

The World Health Organization (OIE) says pets are not the cause of the virus, but further tests are being done to determine if it affects animals, and if so. So how The OIE also says that people who suffer from Covid-19 or are undergoing treatment for this disease should refrain from approaching pets and ask someone else to take care of them. ۔ And if they have to do it themselves, they should take care of the cleanliness and wear a mask on the face.

5-What is the duration of corona virus care?

Scientists say it usually takes five days for the corona virus to appear, but in some people the symptoms appear too late. The World Health Organization says the duration of the virus care is up to 14 days, but some researchers say it can be up to 24 days. It is very important to know and understand the duration of care. It has helped doctors and health officials find ways to prevent the spread of the virus.

6-Does recovering from the Corona virus mean it survived?

It would be premature to say that. Humans have been exposed to this virus since last December, but based on experiences with other viruses and corona virus types in the past, you should have antibodies inside you that can detect the virus. ۔ SARS and other corona viruses were not observed again. According to reports from China, people discharged from the hospital have had positive tests again but we are not sure about the tests.

7-What does Self Isolation Mean?

Self-isolation means staying at home for 14 days during which this person does not go to school or work or to any public place and during this time he refuses to use public transport. During self-isolation, the person who does so is also away from other people in his home. If you are in self-isolation and need to buy a bargain, use the online service.

In the meantime you should also try to stay away from your pets and if this is not possible wash your hands before and after visiting them.

8-What should I do if the person living with me adopts self-isolation?

The National Health Services says that people who are isolating themselves automatically should only be allowed to be with people who already live with them. It also states that a person who suspects he or she has the Corona virus should at least contact others in the household. If possible, they should not stay in the same room.

Any shared crockery and food utensils should be thoroughly cleaned after use, and bathroom and shared use surfaces should be thoroughly cleaned.

9-Is it safe to swim in a public swimming pool?

Most public swimming pools contain chlorine in water, a chemical that can kill the virus. So it should be safe to use the swimming pool as long as it contains the proper amount and chlorine.

However, you can still catch a virus from an infected person if they contaminate surfaces, such as changing clothes or handles on building doors. And if a virus-infected person is there, they can transmit the virus to others through coughing and sneezing if they come in close contact. There are many other ways to prevent and prevent the spread of the corona virus.

10-Are Healthy Disabled People at Risk of Dying from the Corona Virus?

The risk of being infected with the corona virus is higher in the elderly or in the already ill. These diseases include heart diseases, diabetes and lung diseases. There is no evidence that people with disabilities who are otherwise healthy and who are not suffering from respiratory problems, for example, are at higher risk of being killed by the corona virus.

11-How much risk do children get from the corona virus?

According to the Chinese data, children in general are relatively infected with the Corona virus. This may be due to the fact that they are able to eradicate the infection or have no symptoms or only very mild symptoms such as a cold. However, children with basic lung disease such as asthma have to be extra careful as the virus can invade them. For most children, though, it will be just like any other respiratory infection and there is no risk factor.

12-How dangerous is this virus for asthma patients?

A coronary virus that causes respiratory diseases can increase the symptoms of asthma. With regard to asthma, the British Institute of Asthma UK recommends following a few guidelines to help those who are worried about the virus to overcome their asthma. These instructions include daily use of a doctor-recommended inhaler. This helps reduce the risk of asthma attacks by any respiratory virus, including the corona virus. If your asthma symptoms worsen at any time, contact your physician immediately.

13-If one of your office mates has been put on quarantine because of the corona virus, should you also be in quarantine?

In this regard, several agencies have asked staff to work from home, taking precautionary measures against the Corona virus. The decision was made after some of the employees of these companies returned from the affected countries after they showed signs of the corona virus.

But the British Institute of Public Health England (PHE) says staff don’t have to be sent home from work because the results of most suspected cases are negative. The British Agency for Health does not recommend closing offices even if there is a confirmed case of corona virus.

Authorities only advise these individuals on self-made quarantine:

  • Those awaiting the results of the Corona virus test
  • Who have had close contact with certified victims
  • Who have recently visited the affected countries
14-Can people who already have pneumonia be infected with the corona virus?

This new corona virus can cause a small number of people to have pneumonia. There is a risk of this only in people whose lungs are already weak or damaged. But because it is a new type of corona virus and no one is immune to it, this new virus can cause any type of lung disease or pneumonia. The World Health Organization says it may take up to 18 months for the vaccine to be available against the Corona virus.

15-What risks can pregnant women get if they are infected with the corona virus?

Scientists have no reason to say that pregnant women are at greater risk of being infected with the virus. Following the simple hygiene tips is essential to protect yourself from the virus. These often include washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water, not touching your face, eyes or mouth with dirty hands, and staying away from sick people.

If you think you have been infected with the Corona virus, or have been in contact with someone who has been infected by this virus or traveled to an affected country, you are advised to visit your home. Stay in and contact a doctor.

16-Is Corona virus more harmful than flu?

It is premature to directly compare these two diseases but we know that both viruses are extremely dangerous. On average, people infected with the Corona virus transmit the infection to two to three other people, while those infected with the flu spread it to almost another person. However, flu-infected people become infected more quickly for others, so both viruses can spread easily.

17-Can the virus spread through wildlife?

Efforts are being made to find out how the deadly corona virus transmitted from animals to humans and it is almost certain that the initial outbreak of the corona virus in China was initiated by an animal. The earliest cases of this new infection are traced to the seafood wholesale market in southern China, where live wild animals are also sold, including chickens, bats and snakes.

However, no animal can be a means of transmitting the virus to humans. People outside China are less likely to be infected with an animal virus. We are currently at different stages of the outbreak where it is spreading from person to person and this is the real danger.

18-Can the Corona virus even spread by touching the window and door handle?

If an infected person coughs and puts his hand on his mouth and then touches something, he is affected on the surface. Door handles are a good example of where this virus could be infected.

However, it is not yet known how long this new corona virus can survive on such surfaces. Experts say it is in hours rather than days, but it is better to wash your hands regularly so they are less likely to be infected and spread by the virus.

19-Does Weather and Temperature Affect the Corona Virus Outbreak?

We still need to know a lot about this virus. It is not yet clear whether climate or temperature changes will have any effect on its spread. Some other viruses, such as the flu, have their effects on climate change as they grow in the winter.

Some research on marshes and other such viruses shows that they are affected by climatic conditions that spread a little faster in the warmer months.

20-Can you get infected with this virus by eating food prepared by the affected person?

If a corona virus-infected person prepares food and does not care for hygiene and hygiene during that time, it could potentially affect another person. The corona virus can spread from placing a hand on the mouth during a cough, and if the affected person does not wash their hands thoroughly, they are more likely to grow. Therefore, wash your hands thoroughly before touching and eating them to prevent the spread of germs.

21-If you have been infected with the Corona virus once, do you increase your immunity to the virus?

When people recover from an infection or illness, their body has some memories of fighting that disease again. However, this immune process is not always long-lasting or completely ineffective and can decrease over time. It is not known how long this infection can last after infection.

22-Is a face mask useful against viruses and how long should it be changed?

There is very little evidence that wearing a face mask makes a difference. Experts say that it is more effective to wash your hands regularly under good hygiene before taking your hands close to your mouth.

23-Can the corona virus be sexually transmitted?

It is not yet clear whether this is also a source of virus transmission that we should be concerned about. Currently, coughs and sneezes are the most common source of the virus.

24-Is the person affected by the Corona virus fully healed?

Yes. Many people who have been infected with coronavirus and show minor symptoms of the disease are expected to recover completely. However, it can pose a significant risk for elderly people who already have diabetes, cancer or a debilitating immune system. An expert at China’s National Health Commission says it may take a week for the Corona virus to recover from minor symptoms.


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