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Did US spreads corona virus in China?

NEW YORK (Mar. 13-2020) – The Chinese government, which has infected almost half of the world’s countries, has claimed that the US military may have used the virus “Wuhan” in China. This is the first time that the Chinese government has explicitly stated that it is possible that the Corona virus was transmitted to the US by China, before many media houses and social media circulated that the US Corona virus sent to China under biological attack, however, such reports have no reference to any US or Chinese official Yes No.

There have been numerous theories and rumors related to the Corona virus on several websites and the Internet, claiming that the Corona virus is a product of China and the United States, and the two countries did so to avenge each other, however, And US officials did not provide any explanation, but now the Chinese Foreign Ministry has made a video of a meeting of the US Senate subcommittee, claiming that the US military had actually brought the Corona virus to China.

In a series of tweets, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Li Jian Xi shared a video of the US Senate subcommittee on outbreaks and outbreaks, claiming that the video proves the Corona virus was first reported in the United States. Air. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Li Jian Xiao shared two short videos of Robert Redfield, a representative of the US Healthcare Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), to the US Senate subcommittee in tweets in which he submits to the US I appear to be aware of deaths from “influenza”.

According to the US Broadcasting Agency, although in videos, Robert Redfield admitted that the virus that caused the “influenza” in the United States was later named the Novel Cod 19 Corona virus, but the video does not indicate which of the following videos. There are dates. The report said that the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman used Robert Redfield’s statement as evidence, saying the CDC official acknowledged that the virus caused by the influenza virus in the United States went ahead. Was named the new Corona virus.

Chinese State Department spokesman wrote that CDC officials are admitting that there were 20,000 deaths from influenza in the United States and that it affected 300 million people, but it should now be clarified that these influenza cases How many of the cases were the new Corona virus? Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Li Jian Xi asked the US in another tweet in which he asked the names of all those affected by the virus in the US as well. They also asked for the names of the hospitals where the affected people were treated and the Chinese spokesperson sent them all to the hospital. Sylat is also possible to think of what the CDC official said the State Department spokesman mangyn.cyn just that Corona virus came to the US China city of Wuhan.

In fact, dozens of US Army athletes went to attend the military games in Wuhan in the Chinese city in October 2019, and some of them were affected by influenza, CNN reported. It may be recalled that earlier in February 2020, two investigations by experts in the medical journal Nature China’s Wuhan Institute of Virology and Fudan University in Shanghai and the Chinese Center for Disease and Prediction reported that the Corona virus was found in the city of China. Started in Wuhan’s Sea Food Market.

Research reports suggest that the new Corona virus spreading in China looks similar to the SARS virus that emerged in the 2000s, and that both share 80% of the genetic code and move beyond both bats, but both research reports It was not proven which animal worked to transmit the new corona virus to humans, but it was reported that further research was needed.

Now, a spokeswoman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry claims the video of the US Senate subcommittee meeting as evidence, claiming that the Corona virus was actually the US military bringing the Chinese city to Wuhan, but China has yet to make any statement on the Chinese statement. From the beginning of December 2019 to the afternoon of March 13, more than 115,000 people were affected in more than 115 countries around the world, of which 4,700 died.

Although there is now a clear decline in the spread of the Corona virus in China, the aforementioned virus is spreading rapidly to European countries, including the United States, and currently the most common virus is spreading to the United States and Italy. The number of Corona virus patients in the United States is closer to 1200, while the number of virus cases in Italy has increased to more than 12,000. The World Health Organization declared it a global outbreak on March 11, following the rapid outbreak of the Corona virus. After that, other events, conferences, music festivals and public gatherings, including sporting events, have been canceled while tightening security measures around the world.


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