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Rs, 225 Million from the account, the life of the flooday wala disappeared

Karachi: Everybody within the world desires to be wealthy but life of flooday wala. But if a person receives rich enough to withdraw Million of money from his account which he does not get, then such a wealthy man frequently is going to the hospital. This is the case with Abdul Kadir, a resident of Karachi, who spins a flap. About Rs.225 million become extracted from Abdul Qader’s account in his ignorance, and then he have become the pinnacle of information.

Abdul Qader says who has cash and I don’t recognize wherein it came from. Expressing regrets, Abdul Qadir said that I did now not even know whilst the money came out, I used to carry a pallet. Yes, you could estimate how much cash you make.

The police took immediate action after the extortion of Rs 225 crore, after which Abdul Qadir was not allowed to leave the residence for 36 hours. Abdul Qadir said that each one these troubles had made him so disappointed that he could not do any work for 2 months, he was sick. Every Pakistani from enterprise situations is tight.

Someone got the information that his account had Rs.225 Million and changed into withdrawn, no much less than a shock. Abdul Qadir, who became out of enterprise situation, also stated that the enterprise situations were now not desirable before. Things have only worsened.

Now I can’t work, the entire Karachi makes me need to look at why I am doing flooday while there may be a lot of money in my account. The poor flooday wala has said that I want to inform anyone that I did no longer recognize who the money was, in which the money came from, where I went, I do now not realize anything.


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