Tips for Good Job Interview

how to give good interviewThe interview has become an essential part of every important competitive examination. After written papers have been valued, interviews of a certain number of topmost successful candidates are held to finally about their fate. Importance of interview is very great A successful interview of a few minutes may enable a candidate to win a decent career.

It may carry him from the list of qualified candidates to that of selected candidates or even from the bottom of such a list to higher position an ultimately to comparatively better services. On the other hand, a little bit of deficiency, co operative may turn the scales against hint.

By displaying a good qualities in interview, the candidate should also observe the following helpful hints.

Speak in a natural way:

The interviewee should not speak fastly, incoherently or inaudibly in the counts of an interview. He should try to speak every word in a well pronounced and distinct manner. He should speak a quite a natural way. Every word should be quite clear and well pronounced.

Dont bluff:

It is always a wrong practice o bluff. The interviewee should never forget that members of the board of interview area scholars, well read, accomplished and experienced people and they seldom mistake in judging the real worth of the candidate. It is beneficial for the interviewee, therefore, that he should be as frank, truthful sincere as possible.

A candidate should not try to bluff. It is advisable to admit politely his ignorance on a particular topic, instead of creating poor impression by mere guesses.

Dont be rude:

A person should develop the habit of politeness. It has a great importance in the case of a candidate. Some candidates, finding themselves unable to answer a few questions, lose their temper and even become rude. This is dangerous habit and should be abandoned.

Sticking to one point of view:

In an interview, the interviewee should stick to his own point of view. the candidate is expected to have distinguished personality of his own and his preferences and prejudices and his & finite ideas on important matters.Once a candidate has expressed his approach to a certain problem, he should stick on it, even members of board may express their disagreement with his view.

Keeping a copy of application:

A candidate should keep a copy of the application form in which he had mentioned his qualification and other particulars. there is every likelihood of ones forgetting the exact particulars supplies in his application form, as there may be a long time between the date of application and the date interview. This process enables the candidate to refresh his particulars.

Arguments and challenge:

To try to be clever is something bad and harmful. One should not throw a challenge or put questions to be examiner. Avoid arguments with him.Never tell him that he is wrong. When he expound a point of view, Listen to him patiently and attentively.


The intimation concerning the dress both during tests and non tests is generally noted. The candidate must appear in appropriate. Suitable and fit dress impresses the interviewer. It also help in producing favorable impression on the minds of his fellow competitors.


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